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E-Commerce Web Package

Ideal for growing your online store, reaching new customers and maximizing your sales.

Web E-Commerce
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Connect With Global Success

E-Commerce Web Package

Develop your online sales and maximize your commercial success with the strengths of our website: an optimized user experience, advanced product management features, a secure payment system and increased visibility to attract new customers.

This Pack is perfectly adapted to the needs of:

  • Anyone who wants to expand their online presence, sell their products and services to a local and global audience.


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Web E-Commerce Pack Details

E-Commerce Web

Our E-Commerce Web Pack includes the following elements:

8 Web Pages + Form
+ E-Commerce store + 30 products

Integrated E-Commerce management:

All E-Commerce features
Implementation of 50 products in the E-Commerce database
Management of product presentation (categories, subcategories)

Management of orders and logistics (shipping costs, etc.)

Customer account with summary and progress of the order

Shopping cart

Online ordering system

Secure online payment by credit card

Secure online payment with Orange Money and MVola

Online payment in Euro (EUR) and Dollar (US Dollars)

Dynamic creation, design and animation – put online on the 20 pages of the site
1 web page contact form with anti-spam protection

Translation into 3 languages

Changes of 1 page per month

Your domain name (in .com, .mg, .net, .org, etc...)

Responsive design (for mobile, tablet and computer)

Legal Documents (Legal notices. General conditions, Privacy policy, Cookies policy).

Content included (texts, stock photos) or total customization with your content

Creating a Business Card on Google

Creation and correction of texts

Logo creation
Hosting for your site and database

25 email addresses included (

1 news page for updating your site and monthly site information

Security of your site with an SSL certificate

Daily backup of the site and databases

Professional SEO audit and referencing on leading search engines

Analysis and monitoring of website statistics (number of visitors, origin, most visited pages, etc.)

Elegant and modern website design

Web E-Commerce

Benefits of this Pack

Our Expertise

Our services include:

  • Personalized graphic design of your site.

  • Uploading up to 20 pages for your site.

  • Uploading your 50 products online.

  • Setting up secure payment systems.

  • Creation of a contact form page.

  • Audit and SEO of your site.

  • Complete training on the interface and e-commerce for total mastery.

Your Freedom

  • You receive your turnkey site, with all the content.

  • Enjoy total freedom to develop your site as you wish.

  • You can easily add new pages, enrich your catalog with as many products as you want, easily administer your purchase orders and invoices.

  • This fully customizable site will allow you to improve your online visibility by exploiting an unlimited number of products and pages.

  • You are in control of your site, able to modify and adapt it according to your needs, for maximum impact.

Creation deadlines

The time taken to create the site, from receipt of all your textual and visual elements, is 20 to 30 days.

Implementation will be carried out diligently in order to provide you with an operational site as quickly as possible.


We transform your brand

With our expertise, you can expand your online reach, attract new customers and solidify your digital presence to achieve meaningful results.

Our mission

Our mission is to support our clients in their digital transformation by providing them with quality services, in-depth expertise and personalized solutions, to help them thrive in the ever-changing digital economy.

Our vision

Our vision is to create a positive impact by helping businesses reach their full digital potential, providing innovative, tailored solutions that strategically position them in the market and propel them towards success.

Shared Desk


The 5 Benefits of Our Collaboration

25% An average reduction in our customers' expenses

35% An average increase in revenue for our clients

98% Our customers renew their collaboration

5k Monthly budget managed for our clients

7+ Certified specialists

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